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I.R. System

The I.R. System consists of three products:
Seal Kote, SPF Membrane, and Kool-Kote Elastomeric White Roof Coating.
Properly applied, the finished system will yield a tough film of 55 to 65 mm. 
The system conforms to any shape and adheres to any sound surface. This is ideal for new roof construction, roof repair, and roof restorations. It will seal and bridge minor cracks and surface defects.
It will resist ponding water(may need 2 ply), on flat roofs with poor drainage.

The use of Poly Fab fabric is recommended for all roofing surfaces, flashings, and around vents or other equipment such as refrigeration units, skylights, etc.
It should also be used on seams, flashings,vents or repaired areas when applying this system over old existing roofing.
This permits a high film build over areas of excessive movement caused by severe temperature changes,
and old weathered substrates.

Seal Kote

Seal kote is an elastomeric waterproofing roofing material used as the base coat or prime coat on all types of roofing surfaces. It is ideal for re-roofing and new roofs. This rubber-like film encapsulates and seals surfaces to prevent leaks. It produces a tough durable finish that forms a barrier against weather and chemical deterioration. Seal kote's elastic, self-flashing film conforms to any shape and can be used with fabrics to reinforce patches, flashings, and around vents or other roofing protrusions. The cured film elongates over 300% of its original length without cracking. It withstands the most severe weather conditions, remaining pliable to -20%, and responds to surface expansion and contraction.

SPF100 Polyester Ply-Reinforcement

SPF100 stitch bonded polyester is one of the strongest materials available to the roofing industry for use as reinforcement in cold process roofing. SPF100 is very soft, providing excellent conformability and elongation for irregular surfaces, such as filled gravel, asphalt shingles and corrugated metal.

Kool Kote Roof Coatings

Our Kool Kote roof coatings are specially formulated Acrylic elastomeric latex sealant that is designed to reflect extreme sun heat and extend roof life by reducing thermal shock movement. It is made to adhere to any roof surface, while sealing and water proofing joints, cracks, penetrations, flashings, and scupper drains. Our product is will remain flexible and pass at 180°F and at 15°F. The low temperature durability is critical for good adhesion and durability.

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